Weekend plans!

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Weekend plans!

I have a few days off work in addition to the weekend, hooray!

I'd like to compare what I'll be doing this weekend as opposed to what I would surely be doing if I didn't quit drinking.

What I'm doing: Off on holiday for a weekend break to see some old friends, play games and then sight see. We're planning on going to a fancy restaurant and to the cinema and bowling all together. Other than that we'll just wing it, but I'm positive I'll have a wonderful time.

What I would be doing:

- Friday: This day was always worse than the rest because I'd have no work so would start drinking early mid-day, sometimes in the morning. I wouldn't eat because that would unsettle my stomach. I would probably drink for about 8 hours, sometimes more if I don't pass out. At some point I would likely throw up bile and then continue drinking anyway. I would intend to eat something and drink water but I would without a doubt get too drunk and fall asleep.

- Saturday: This is when things would get really, really bad. No food and alcohol would leave me in a flu like state all day and I can feel the poison and what I've done to myself. I'd panic and check for signs of liver disease. Sometimes I'd roll a dice, with the idea that if it lands on the number I'm thinking of, that's roughly my chances of dying. I would ruin the day of everyone around me because I'd have made plans that I would cancel. I would sit, all day, too tired to do anything and bored senseless, with my heart pounding and my stomach churning and my head pounding, forcing myself to eat something.

- Sunday: I would wake up feeling a little better. But the memory of the day before at first would keep me from drinking. As the day went on and I felt even better, that memory would fade and sure enough by the time the sun went down I would convince myself I can drink again. And I would. Repeat Friday. Repeat it for ten years.

I know which I prefer.
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Good idea!

I'm a half time single parent, so this weekend I have my daughter. I wish I could say in the past the time with my daughter was spent focused on her and doing fun family things together since I only see her a limited time. Instead, my weekends went a lot like this WITH her:

Friday: Get off work at pick her up by 6:00pm. Get home and immediately grab a beer or mix a drink. She'd even ask, "Daddy, what are you drinking?" I'd lie and say "oh, just soda, or Mt. Dew, or flavored water" thinking if she ever told her Mother, I'd get away with it. I'd drink Friday, maybe take a nap, and let her watch TV all night while I pretty much ignored her until bedtime. I'd even skip the cuddle session with her before bed, and book reading, because I just wanted to get back to my drink ( Gosh this is hard to write out, my daughter is only 4)

Saturday: I'd sleep late into the morning, my daughter would get up early and I'd just put a movie on for her and go back to bed. She'd tell me she's hungry and I'd make her a quick waffle in the toaster and go back to sleep. By the time I woke up, I still felt awful. USUALLY the guilt would set in and we'd go to a park, or meet up with family, or spend Saturday doing something "normal." But of course I'd have a bottle of coke mostly mixed with rum or vodka.

By Sunday: I was a physical and emotional wreck. The guilt of wasting my weekend with my daughter sets in and we barely do anything together.


Now, for how it's going to go.

Friday: Pick daughter up, go to my sister's for a family dinner so my daughter can play with her two cousins. Probably movie night with the 3 kids and a sleepover.

Saturday: There is a festival in the park where I live with tons of craft booths and kids toys, inflatables, etc. I will be taking her there and we'll spend as much time outside as possible. She just learned how to ride a 2-wheel bike and I can't wait to get her out on the bike some more

Sunday: Wake up early together and snuggle, read books in the morning. I'll take her out for a nice lunch and we'll bop around town together until I drop her back off with her Mom.

First weekend sober in a very long time coming up. I'm nervous, but excited, and I know exactly where my focus will be.

I love my little girl, now it's time to act like it.

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Excellent. Our children deserve so much more than selfish, booze guzzling parents. Enjoy every minute of your weekend together 😀
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