When you're having a bad day.

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When you're having a bad day.

Hey there soberfriends.

So today is the anniversary of a pretty awful event in my life. For personal reasons I'm not going to go into it too much.

But the point is today, today is going to be a bad one. I haven't slept, I'm sick, I had terrible nightmares which has made me feel panicky and sad and like a big black cloud has cast over my head.

For whatever reason I think we all have these days. And for me its when your av voice tells you its fine to drink today. Because it's a liar.

So, how do we make it through?

First things first is remember that this will pass. You won't feel this way forever and all alcohol will do is prolong these dark feelings. Alcohol can only and will only make this worse.

Secondly its important to be as kind to yourself as you can, I knew this was coming so I got time off work, I'm going to make a bed on the sofa and sleep whenever possible with some snacks by my side.

Thirdly remember that you're not alone in this, when you're in a dark mood for whatever reason the world seems to shrink and it can become a very, very lonely place, but remember there's millions just like you feeling like you do right now, and just like them, you'll make it through this day.
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AA- good words. My catastrophic rock-b comes up in 2 weeks, 2 years ago. Birthdays are marked as significant- and am already beginning the anxiety and flashbacks. So armed- I prepare- as you are.
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Thank you for post , needed to hear this

Hope your day goes as well as can be expected
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