sorry me but I screwed you up one more time

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sorry me but I screwed you up one more time

hello me

its me again, I know I screwed up you once again, I didnt mean to do it, I dont know what happened to me, I couldnt resist the pain in ourlself, I know this is a lame excuse, I just couldnt help it, I was feeling too depresed... I know you dont trust other ppl enough yet to tell them about you, I know you dont trust anyone, but try... I know you hate almost every body but not every body is hatefull, I know you cant cope with those stupid ppl, but try not to lose your inner peace cuz of it. I know you hate almost everybody, but is it realy worth it to isolate ourselves ? :sink ... sorry I dont mean to upset anybody...

sorry me... but plz dont hate me...

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You keep coming back K? You know there a lot of people who care and will help, let the others go. It's not worth giving them that much power to make you feel so miserable. Stick with the winners! *hugs*
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Yep, I hear the disease rolling around in your head because your words rolled around in mine. The difference is that I have tools now where I can get in there and take all that nastiness out. Its the booze dude, no nice way to put it.

By the way, it doesnt stop talking just because we stop listening.
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Hate you?
Welcome you back? Always, and with open arms.
That voice Roy talks about never goes away.
We just get better at ignoring it, as time goes on.
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The dark fog the booze brings is filled with nothing but negative energy. It goes away with the booze. Time for the fog to lift.
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