Did you have aches and pains at 28 days? My hips hurt.

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Question Did you have aches and pains at 28 days? My hips hurt.

I know everyone here will tell me to see a doctor. My hips are KILLING me when I walk. Also my lower back is all tight and messed up. It's probably from sleeping in a pretzel position from blacking out or passing out. Did anyone else experience this? I know that alcohol can eat away at the hip bones and it is freaking me out.

Did you have aches and pains for a while after quitting?
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I certainly did! It gets easier but probably best to get checked out by your doc to be sure!
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I do! I'm trying to figure out if the drinking caused it, made it worse, if it's part of the adjustment of quitting, or what. I've had a bad knee for a half a year. Probably is totally unrelated to drinking, but I knew drinking couldn't be helping.

I'm a bit stiff when I wake up, and I wonder if it's because I am sleeping more soundly than when I was a heavy drinker, passing out and waking up always a few hours later.

I keep telling myself what Dee says.. that we took a long time getting in the state we were in by drinking so much and so long, we can't expect healing overnight. I am sure my heavy drinking caused vitamin deficiencies, and that all has a physical toll.

Hope it gets better. Certainly worth a mention to your doc.
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It sounds like something to see a Dr about Chiquen?

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I sure do too. Different pains that move around depending on how many days sober.

Funny, but I notice them more now that I have a clear

When we're drinking we dont notice doo doo or just dont care. I care more now.
Big Stretching will help. B complex.
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