Dealing with the ups and downs

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Dealing with the ups and downs

Hello there soberfriends

The other day I was feeling really down and I came on here and a bunch of you who were awake at that crazy hour were really kind and helpful and really helped me get through it. So thank you.

One thing that was said is that early recover is an emotional rollercoaster, and boy, have I found that to be true.

I'm all over the place honestly, happy one minute and down the next, fearing for my health and the next planning what I'll be doing in ten years, its frankly, completely bonkers.

Anyway I was thinking about the best ways of dealing with this and here's some things I found useful and hopefully some of you will too. I'm very aware I'm not exactly far enough in to recover to be giving anyone advice, but these are just some thoughts I had that helped me.

- Remember that like the cravings, these are all a side effect, and they will pass
- Do something to take your mind off things, something you enjoy, until it does pass, remember it won't last forever
- Remember that you're not thinking logically at the moment, that's your mind freaking out because of this massive change your making to your body. Just because you're afraid of something, doesn't make it real.
- Let yourself think about the future, I've found that the more I think about my life going forward, the more the doomsday thoughts go away
- Most importantly, this temporary state of affairs can only pass if you do not drink. As sure as it will pass if you stay sober, it will return if your drinking. So if your having a hard time remember that this is what alcohol has done to you, and keep that memory as a lesson not to come back to this place. Remember, once this is over, you'll never have to feel like this again.

Anyway, thinking like that has gotten me through a couple of rough patches, so I thought I'd share.
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Thanks for that, great advice, good luck to you
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Learning to Live
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I'm on day 3 so I can relate. One thought that has seemed to help me a lot is: with every agonizing minute that passes, I'm getting better; body is healing.
Thank you for sharing your coping thoughts
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Good solid advice andagain - thanks

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Great Share and all is true! X
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