Travel/food anxiety when recovering

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Travel/food anxiety when recovering

Hi everyone!

My name's B, I'm 25 and yesterday I've gone through my First Ever Day 1! I spent the whole day going through this forum and got so inspired by everyone's support that I'm hopeful I can do it (or is that just my naive thinking?)

I've got severe IBS and alcohol has been a way for me to deal with stressful situations and possible triggers such as eating out of the house (I've not had a successful meal without a drink outside for 7 years) or travelling (made it a habit to get to the station/airport with enough time to manage at least a pint or two before. Unfortunately I travel a lot) and of all the scary things around trying to get sober, this one stresses me the most.

I know a lot of people are saying that their IBS got better after being sober, but that seems too far away now - what am I going to do before it does get better? When I got first diagnosed at 17, I spent 2 years not eating (or drinking for that matter - so I know it's not really caused by alcohol) outside and was so happy to have found a way to be able to = drinking (which seems super ironic now) and I don't want to go back to being constantly hungry because I can't eat for the 10+ hours out of the house.

I would really appreciate any advice!

(and sorry for the long post)
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Hi and welcome to the forum. Hmm, that is a tough one. This is definitely one for the doctors. There HAS to be a solution, MILLIONS of people suffer from IBS, I am certain there is something that can ease your pain/symptoms while out.
now, that doesn't take care of the anxiety issue, but the good news it, there's a pill for that too! Or, if you prefer something natural, there are ways to curb your anxiety such as meditation and exercise, you can also look into hypnotism to specifically target your food and travel anxiety.
I suffered horribly with IBS when I was in my early 20's, to the point where I was visiting the ER about once a week the pain was so great. I had c-sections for the birth of my two children, but a friend who went through full labor and childbirth and also suffers from IBS said she would go through labor and childbirth again any day over the pain associated with IBS, it is truly horrible, I sympathise.

The thing is though, it is proven- both scientifically and through user experience, that your anxiety is 99% guaranteed to get better once you clear your system of alcohol. Bowel issues also get better.

IBS is something separate and different though, so again, I would suggest seeing your doctor. You deserve relief and you shouldn't have to find it by abusing alcohol.
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Welcome!! Being patient is a big part of the beginning of recovery. You didn't get in the shape you are in over night and I was up and down for a while before leveling out. One day, one hour at a time it just keeps getting better! I wish you well on your journey!
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Thank you for your kind messages.

I'm going to get in touch with my GP (recently moved to another country so I'm not entirely sure how it works here yet, at least I'll find out ) and look into hypnotism, haven't thought of that before!! Thanks to you I remembered I used some natural remedies when I was 13 to help with my then social anxiety, will try that again! Thank you, I appreciate it a lot.
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