Who can you talk to to help?

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Who can you talk to to help?

I was sober 6 years and relapsed.

I don't have money to go to rehab.

And I feel I'm I'm in this horrid cycle. I don't drink eveyday now - I did-
but drink heavily when I do (binges last 6-10 days, half a litre or gin most days), but I still do even though I feel worse, I have diazepam and I'll have it, but then when I've had a sleep, and feel relatively OK, it seems a good idea to drink. Well, as you know, more of a compulsion than an actual good idea.
I am starting to think I'm a lost cause
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No, you're not a lost cause.

This is very common. When you're hooked on alcohol, you crave it irrationally.

It is not easy for anybody to quit and stay quit--but people manage to do it every day. It is completely possible for anyone who is dead serious about quitting.

Don't judge your ability to quit based on your past failures. Every minute can be a genuine new start.

I found a lot of support and good "comrades in the trenches" in the "Class of" threads, plus the "One Year and Under" thread.

You can also start as many threads as you need to on the "Newcomers to Recovery" and "Alcoholism" forums.

Sober Recovery was a lifesaver for me. I recommend milking it for all it's worth!


The new "Class of May 2017" thread is located on the "Newcomers to Recovery" forum. Sorry I am unable to link to it with my phone.
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Here's the link to the "Class of May 2017" thread. It helped me a lot to have a class when I was just starting too. Always someone to talk to there or here in the main forums. Have you thought about recovery meetings like AA, SMART, Lifering, etc.? Some churches also offer recovery meetings if you would prefer that route.

I was sober for many years and picked up a drink one day. It took me years to quit again but I did it. You can too. Make today that day.
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SMART and AA are free. Community noticeboards- libraries often have networks, as do local community centres and churches. Community noticeboards, local newspapers, there is here- plus an entire world of info online. You need to want to get better.
Support and empathy to you.
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Chances are you can talk to AA. We would be glad to hear from you.
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The Salvation Army offers free rehab for anyone who wants it:
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I don't think you're a lot cause either. Your addicted self wants you to believe that so it can have unimpeded access to more booze.

On the contrary tho, I think you're worth fighting for - so fight...we'll back you up

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Originally Posted by Stoprelapsing View Post
I am starting to think I'm a lost cause
More like you FEEL like a lost cause.
That's what the addiction does to us - makes us FEEL things that are not real or even logical.

You don't THINK you're a lost cause - that's why you posted here.

Learning how to recognize and distinguish between my thoughts and feelings saved my life.

You can do this.
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