Good news from the Dr.

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Good news from the Dr.

Hi all. I have not been on much this week because I did not feel like I had much good to say.
I went to my Dr on February 24th and I quit drinking the next day. If all goes well and I keep alert and aware I will have three weeks sober tomorrow.
I have lost 15 pounds and my blood pressure has come down to the point that the Dr is tapering me off the blood pressure meds.
I figured out that with the vodka and mixer I was consuming 2500 calories a day just in drinking. That does not count the calories I added by making bad food choices.
I don't feel like drinking at all but I know how sneaky alcohol can be so I am keeping my guard up.
To any of you starting out and are having a hard time please hang in there and keep coming here.
I had so many day ones that I was embarrassed to post trying anymore.
Don't do that. Don't ever quit trying to quit.

Thanks to you all

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Giving up is NOT an option.
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Glad to see you back. And glad you got good news from the doctor. Hopefully the news will just keep getting better.
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Fantastic news and an inspiring post! The only way is upwards, once the drink is put down.
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Good news sixstring. Happy for you.
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So glad that you had good news from the doctor, asixstringnut, and that you are already seeing and feeling the benefits of sobriety!

Spoiler alert: Sobriety gets better and better and better.

So happy for you!
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That great asixstringnut! Thanks for the post.
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You're sounding great asixstringnut.

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That's great news ☺ keep going
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Fantastic Asixstringnut!!
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