Day's been quite the week

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Day's been quite the week

Hey all. Well I have almost made it thru 6 days and it's been rough. The stressors that are coming from every angle this past week have been a challenge to say the least. I called my EAP and set up an appt with a therapist. Went to see her last evening and to be honest it was a bit of a disappointment. She was young and very inexperienced in addiction. Also told me she was only able to help me minimally and short term. Handed me her card and told me I needed hobbies and to call her if I wished to see her again. I feel like I have very little support in the real world. You all on this site are a godsend. I either don't feel comfortable being honest with a few close friends and I believe my husband of 32 yrs is more of an enabler than supporter.

Anyway am going to try a walk in place that is govt funded and go from there. Also have a list a mile long of books I want to get and read. I'm nervous about the weekend coming too.
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Hi, Day 6 is great! It's too bad the therapist was not helpful. Is there any chance of seeing someone else?

If you're concerned about the weekend, maybe you can make some plans to try to take your mind off drinking, at least for a bit.

And, if you like reading (yay), we have a great book list here:
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Hey hope,
Sounds like your trying lots of things. I think that is great. Maybe not everything will be helpful but some things will. I found SR to be exactly what I needed. You could try AA or other type of group support as well.

No matter what though I am here to support you anyway I can😀. So are a whole bunch of other great folks!
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You are already winning because you want to quit. Baby steps from there.

Not wanting to pour poison into our systems is the beginning of the end for our addiction.

It has gotten better by the moment. It is ok to curl up into a ball sometimes and just cry. At least sob a bit. At night and especially every morning I thank my higher power for another sober day.

Coming out of deep, natural melatonin, enhanced sleep almost feels like a slight hang over to me. But, I know it is natural and I am doing it absolutely as I was designed to do it. Waking up from a drunken pass out was never restful.

I was is a chronic state of exhaustion in my drinking days. Real sleep is truly one of the many rewards of my 22 months clean.

Stay clean.

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Day 6 is fantastic!! Keep pushing through!!
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Congrats on making it to Day 6. I can give you feedback about the therapist issue because I actually had the exact same thing happen. I went for an initial appointment and got a younger lady who wasnt even licensed yet, she was basically an apprentice therapist. So I called in the next day and described the issue I had and they set me up with this older guy who I met yesterday for the first time and he seemed awesome! like I am really encouraged about doing therapy and working with him to help address my mental health issues.

In short, give the place a call and tell them you would like to have someone else, and maybe even tell them what you are looking for (something with a background in addiction).. If they cant help you, find a different provider. There are plenty of good therapist out there! Dont lose hope!
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