I'll keep this short and sweet. (80 days)

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I'll keep this short and sweet. (80 days)

In 80 days without alcohol, I went down the path of using marijuana chronically which I never did before, which then led me back to smoking cigarettes and eventually drinking a beer and a half before dumping the whole case down the drain before coming here and posting this post. The problem is not any of these drugs, the problem is I'm afraid of feeling uncomfortable even though I know all discomfort passes. Well I will not be afraid anymore. Here is to day 1 again, I'll see you at 90.
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Yeah, Serper, the problem is with us, not with the substances. I'm glad you're back on track.
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Hang in there! Thank you for your post! I smoked my last bowl of weed yesterday and today I had thoughts of going to the liquor store. I took a hard look at my self and realized I wasn't addicted to weed, I was only trying to numb my emotions. I have and probably will always hate the smell, and taste of alcohol, but the mere thought of being without weed almost made me buy some. Time to really do some work on myself and figure out is hurting and why.
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I can totally relate. I can't do any mind-altering drugs or i'll be off to the races. I once strolled into a marijuana store last winter with the mind-set of having a little fun with a few "candies". Guess where i was about a 1/2 hour later. Yep..the liquor store.
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Come back on day 2. THEN DAY 3, THEN 4, 5........
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You can do this Serper!!
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Welcome back Serper
Yeah all my addictions intertwined...the only way for me to move forward was to stop everything.

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The key is to learn how to be mindful and aware of your distressing emotions and then apply self soothing techniques so you don't negatively act on those distressing emotions. As you stated, learning to tolerate discomfort is important but this process can be helped if you can also distract yourself with something you enjoy.
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