A whole 5 days and the cravings have kicked in...

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A whole 5 days and the cravings have kicked in...

Firstly, thank you for all your support - I feel like this is the only place I can come for support (I did go to AA last week, but it is quite far away, and as I don't have a car, and have previously been attacked by a taxi driver, I have little means of getting there). It's about 8 miles away.

It's day five, I NEVER though 'I' would get to day FIVE!

However, it's Friday night, I don't have to work tomorrow.

(I was a bottle of wine a night drinker).

I have felt great this week, and got so much done - I feel refreshed and energised!

I managed to get over the physical symptoms (i.e. nervousness, nausea etc.) and believed I was 'out of the woods'.

I didn't think the cravings would hit me this bad (this is my first weekend).

I live on my own (unless you include my cat!) So have no one to stop me, I'm just trying right now to stop myself from going to the shop and buying a bottle of wine...

I'm trying so hard to stay strong Cassie x
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Hi. In my experience with the early days...The cravings come and go. Picture them like waves. Some are intense and scary.

But they always do pass. I would hang around SR all day and night in the early days. When you can't get the face to face support, i found SR to be incredibly helpful with that.

Support/Understanding is ALWAYS here at SR. It was for me. And i'm sure it will be for you.

Make a commitment to not drink, just for today. You'll wake up feeling good about yourself tomorrow that the craving past. You'll be more confident too that you can let them pass.

I'm not drinking. Just for today. It's a commitment i make EVERYDAY to myself. No matter what.

Have a great day. You're not alone. Know that.
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Hi Cassie,
I am in exactly the same boat as you. I am on 5 days as well and going into my first weekend. Getting ready to leave work and the temptation to get wine is hitting me also. I've decided instead to get some sparkling water, maybe add some cranberry juice to have instead along with some healthy snacks and Netflix for the evening. We can do this and be grateful that we wake up tomorrow not hungover!
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I agree. Netflix and posting on here helped a lot until the cravings went away. Best.
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Thank you Findingtheway. After a good week I didn't 'expect' cravings to hit this hard.

I've ordered a Pizza (bad food I know), but I have to stay in for it and by then the shop will have shut.

I did not see this coming. I truly though I was over the 'worst'.

I was supposed to go out with friends last night, but said I had a 'stomach bug', just because I knew they would be drinking (and sadly knew I was not 'safe' in that situation).

I feel like I have no control
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The cravings are just thoughts. Powerful thoughts, but thoughts none the less. They can't make you drink.

Five days are monumental. You should be proud. Imagine how great day 6 will feel.
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Cassie, I have to tell you...even years after drinking I still have a thought about a nice cold margarita now and then. Or a craft beer. Or a mojito.

It was a big part of my life, and the memories and associations are going to be there for you, too. In order to recover, I had to accept that I don't have a lot of control over the computer program in my brain that pulls up thoughts. They just come up. Sometimes I'll even remember something from 20 years ago - out of the blue. There is no accounting for associations. If you are at all like me, you drank for just about anything.

Celebrate! I'm sad! I'm bored! I'm lonely! Someone hurted my feelings! I'm mad!

It's Tuesday!

It's cold!

It's sunny!

You get the drift. The thoughts are going to come - don't beat yourself up for thinking about it. Just make your way past it, like you did. The thoughts will come again.

I just say, "Well, there's the thought again. I don't drink, so I'm not going to grab on to that thought."

It's the obsession over it that will cause drinking. Not the thought itself. Recovery happens in that moment/minute between the drinking thought and what you do about it.

I just usher the thought out. The more I do that the less frequent they are. I don't think about it a lot now. It gets easier the further out you get. Hang on. MMMMmmm pizza.
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Thank you everyone

I'm currently watching movies, with orange and sparkling water. I have a bottle of Shloer in the cupboard so may have a glass of that (it's non alcoholic).

After my 'good' week I didn't imagine having to 'fight' this

I'm angry that I believed after a mere 'week' I had somehow conquered it! I now know this is going to be a life long battle
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Thank you biminiblue.

I equally have made an excuse for every sip I took.

I drank to have fun, I drank to enjoy myself, and suddenly I drank to forget everything that had gone on in my life.

I have been through some very tough times, and have resorted to the bottle, as though I was committing a slow suicide. But now I believe I can rise above that, forget my past, and move on to a happier, sober future

And the Pizza isn't here quite yet - I know a funny thing to do to keep you from the off licence, but I guess tonight I just needed a distraction - (not to mention I think my body is craving food after stopping drinking!).

Thanks again, all x
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Way to go on five Days, Cassie. You got this!

Keep posting. Keep abstaining. This is how it's done, it's all about getting through those cravings- you're doing it.
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you could read AA's big book online to help.
yup, them cravings- the mental obsession- was a bugger for me for some time( after the fog wore off). with footwork,dedication, and not allowing the thoughts control my actions they subsided.
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So have no one to stop me,
I didn't either Cassie - so I had to assume that responsibility myself

That's not to say I had to do it alone - the community here at SR was a big factor in me staying sober...but I also had access to various tips that helped:

Look at HALT, playing the tape through, and especially Urge Surfing - they all helped me

there are some good things to remember here too:

The first time I got through a craving without drinking I was astounded - literally had no idea you could do that.

You can

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You can do this! And you are not alone. Keep posting and reading. It helps tremendously.
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The pizza should help. I am on Day 24, and when I felt a strong craving to drink around Day 12, a Big Mac took care of the craving. My cravings aren't as strong on Day 24, so I haven't needed another Big Mac, but it still is in my toolbox!
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Hello Cassie6,

How was your weekend?

Let us know.

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great job cassie!

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