So Day #16 was a toughie...

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So Day #16 was a toughie...

So it's the end of day 16 for me which is the longest break I've had from wine in years and years.

I've been feeling really good until today, when I got some bad news about my job - my contract is not going to be extended into next year which I sort of knew was coming but didn't really want it to go that way of course.

So as expected, was feeling pretty ****** about it. I almost went to the store after work to buy a bottle of wine, but thankfully I didn't.

That's how I used to "deal" with things. I'd get upset and then numb myself out with a bottle or more some nights. But of course, I realised long ago that the bottle doesn't help anything; it doesn't "deal" with anything.

It took me quite a looooong time to talk myself down. I was on the edge of going the other way. My thought process went a bit nuts. I started thinking things like: "Well, it's unrealistic to totally quit anyway....why don't you just try to moderate instead?....You deserve a bottle of wine for 15 days sober..." and so on.

But instead of giving in to the urge, I came on to SR. Thankfully there was a kind person on the chat who talked me out of it, or helped at least. I bought a bar a chocolate on the way home instead. I didn't drink tonight and I'm glad.

Just wanted to share as it helps and I'm really glad I have this forum. It definitely is a good place to come to when feeling the cravings.

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I'm glad you worked through it Kelly - great stuff

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Congrats on day 16 and even bigger congrats for not drinking. Sometimes doors shut (your job) in order for new doors to open. It just might not open in the time frame you want it too. If you stay sober, go through the process of finding a new job, you may find that it all happened for a reason. Do what you can do and let the other mental, emotional crap that doesn't serve you go.
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That's how it's done kellyrally, great job
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Hi Kelly! and good on you for NOT drinking. I just lost my contract job as well a few weeks ago...partly due to a binge, but also they were going to get rid of the position in January anyways so decided to just let me go. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to "check out" and get some wine. I'm on Day 17 now and feeling pretty good.
I liked what the other poster said about a door closing but another one opening...we may not see it RIGHT NOW....but if we stay sober and move THROUGH the'll all be ok. I truly believe that.
Hang in there
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sober style
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good going, Kelly.
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The mental battle w drinking lasts a long time.

That is why so many of us drunks relapse.

I'm sober 18 months and i crave daily.

I remember the hell i went through drinking and getting clean to analyze my way through the craves.

I come here and read posts of folks struggling etc. To strengthen my sober muscles.

We were not designed to be drunks. It is a learned behavior.

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Congratulations on fighting off the liquid devil. I also fought pretty hard yesterday to the point of grabbing my car keys but, didn't do it. We can do this!!!
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Huge congrats on making it through, I am glad somewhat of what I said although my advice is possibly limited as I haven't yet gone through most of what others have gone through yet seemed too in some way have helped at least

Stay strong and things will look up regarding the job situation, it always does
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