2 years sober minus a useful slip

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2 years sober minus a useful slip

Today marks 2 years since I've been sober.

During this time my life has changed in ways I did not think was possible. I've been taking great care of my health and fitness, carrier has took off, relationships with family and friends are better than ever! Most importantly, a few months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby, so this is by far my biggest accomplishment that seemed so impossible and out of reach before.

Yet, I mentioned a slip. Yes, there was one and I have found it to be useful. When the baby was couple of weeks old, a bright idea crossed my mind - a drink would cure my anxiety, depression and boredom, so that's what I took (the baby was taken care of and I did not breastfeed).

And the most unexpected thing happened - the moment I took the first sip, it was like a dark veil covered my eyes, mind and body. I felt more anxious, depressed and full of regret. As opposed to the "good" old days, the drink did not cure a thing, just made my problems 100 times worse. The world immediately became the dark, awful place it used to be.

This is why I did not reset my sobriety date following this one incident and take pride in my two years, as I have come a long way since that dark August of 2014 and the slip taught me not to romanticize the drink, because it's just not worth it. Hence I am thankful to be sober, healthy, happy and alive!
Wishing the same to all of you
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Congrats on 2 years.

Booze is no joke. I can tell you have a healthy respect for that.

Since you only had a sip that one night, and didn't slip into a bender, I totally agree you should not reset you sobriety counter. That wave of evil is how I have heard it described.

The clean days counter that AA uses might sometimes cause folks to decide to relapse heavy since they are going to have to start over anyway. I don't know...

You can take good care of your baby w a sober mind and body. That is how it is supposed to be.

I have a 13 year old that is looking to me right now for life guidance. Thank God I cleaned up finally.

I was drunk from the day he was born. A drunk Dad is all he knew. Now he has a sober father. I can care for him properly.

Like you are w your child. Well done ma'am.
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Hi Ugnius,
Great story and congratulations on your 2 years. I slipped like that a few times myself with the same results. In fact I was quite sick. I chose not to count them either. For me, "counting back" would have been extremely discouraging, even self-defeating.
Thank you for your honesty
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Congrats on your sober time

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Congrats on 2 years!
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Congrats! One slip doesn't mean you have to reset your date, that's crazy
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Congrats on your sober time Ugn
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Congratulations on two years!!!
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You deserve the 2 years, well done!
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Great going on 2 years ... I know what you mean about the ugly feeling that came with the "slip". I applaud you on 2 years and the slip doesn't reset or take away what you have accomplished.
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2 years is fantastic!
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