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Haven't been here in a while

Hello all.

I joined this forum in late December and haven't really been here since. Well, there's a reason for that absence.

I started drinking again in late January. About a bottle of sparkling wine per day. However, this past week (more specifically this past Friday) I have been abstinent and I have no withdrawal symptoms. I was relieved about this, since I had terrible DTs when I was detoxing from hard liquor (rum and tequila). And I mean those were AWFUL.

Well, I drank today. This probably has something to do with the fact that I am moving soon and I absolutely, positively HATE moving. It stresses me out and makes me angry. My current residence is an absolute MESS because I HATE to clean. I also began my period today, and I'm pretty sure I have some sort of pre-menstrual psychosis disorder.

Yeah, I guess I just needed to vent that one out. Thanks for listening.
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Hi recoverynewbie, it's good that you came back. It's only my second day on the forum and I find it very supportive and I was advised to make a recovery plan. Did you make a plan when you first joint?
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Learning to live again
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I'm glad you posted, recoverynewbie. It took me a long time to admit that drinking never helped make anything better or easier. I used it to cope with problems and stress - all it did was add to them. Once the numbness wears off, we're on our own again - with a hangover and remorse. Not worth it.

Glad to see you. You can get free and have a better life.
You are so much more than the worst thing you've ever done. Fr. Greg Boyle

A little voice deep inside me said, "Hello, I am here." It was a small voice, & sounded as if it were buried underneath the cushions of my couch. It was my soul...I had forgotten it.

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Welcome back!!!! Everyone is here to support you.
Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell
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Moving can be very overwhelming....and if you're not a tidy person, even more so. Can you make a list of everything you need to do and just focus on one thing at a time, one project? Start small (clean toilet ) so you just feel like you're moving forward. Don't look at the entire scope of work at once. And yes, good ole female hormones don't help.
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Welcome Home, Rnewbie! Warning: venting is encouraged here at SR, and may result in caring encouragement from internet "strangers!"

And while I can't comment on female hormones (though I'm pretty sure I have more than I should), I can absolutely relate to messy surroundings; I'm Mr. Anti-Clean myself, and it can easily overwhelm me. Staying sober is helping a little, small steps are key for me. Best wishes for better days--Arp
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