First morning after the night before without drink.

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First morning after the night before without drink.

So I made it through the night and even managed some sleep, although it was sporadic and punctured with horrific and upsetting dreams.
I feel very 'clear'. Everything is very vivid in an unpleasant way (maybe because I'm not used to it?). I feel as though I have been brutally smacked in the face with real life, and all it's colours and angles. It feels very sharp and piercing.
However, I do appreciate that I am not heaving or feeling queasy, and that my brain isn't foggy. At least I know I didn't do anything embarrassing last night!
I have changed all of my clothes so feel a little cleaner and I plan on washing my hair later today which will feel good. I might even dye it-it really is overdue!
So right now, I am kind of okay. But my brain keeps drifting to tonight. How do I go another night? Sheer willpower alone? Where do I go from here?
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I always recommend a plan:

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Originally Posted by Thismadamisdone View Post

I feel as though I have been brutally smacked in the face with real life, and all it's colours and angles.
It's better to face it head on rather than in a drunken state.
It may not be easy but, with some time sober we find it very rewarding.
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It settles down to something less intense after the first few days and it really does become something pleasant.
Welcome to the forum, a plan is a great place to start.
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Don't worry about tonight. Worry about right now. As Dee said try to get a plan in place.
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Where do you go from here? Come here and post. Dye your hair, make a list of alternative things to do outside of drink.

I know it feels strange to actually feel things rather than looking through a fog but it gets better, a lot better!

Dee gave you the best advice. A plan. Don't rely on your own thoughts and willpower to get you through.

That's one of the things I love about this board, a place to go 24/7. Here when you need it with people who are going through the same exact thing you are. Help is only a click away!
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Congratulations. Sounds like a pretty typical first night. Good news? You don't have experience night 1 ever again. That's if you don't take drink 1. The next few days can be rocky....hang in there. If you start over again, well, you start over again. Generally detox gets worse also, the more times you do it.

In very early days it is important for me to stay busy. I make a list of all the things I want to accomplish, maybe things I've been putting off, and get them done. I plan my time from the time I get up, to the time I go to bed. Healthy food and lots of hydration. Some exercise if I can tolerate it. Baths/showers are an amazing way of shifting my mood...why? I don't know. Fresh air, gardening. Journaling my thoughts and feelings to help 'tone down' how bright and loud the noise in my head is. AA meetings or some other kind of F2F support. This is what helps me. I must get through the first few days. And that requires effort, period. And commitment. There's no magic to it.

Hang in there.
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Good for you for making it through the night! As was said above, don't worry about later...ask yourself what you can do now. After all, whatever time it is, it's always right now.

Also, have a look at some of the stickies in the Newcomers forum, some of those might be helpful to you
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I also agree with the previous thought to not look too far ahead. My plan is to take today hour by hour Glad you are here!
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I am only 8 days in myslelf... I agree with everyone else. Take it one day at a time, or in some cases, one hour at a time.

Hang in there, after a few days, it does get easier. And this is a great resource all day, everyday! Even if it is just to read the threads.

Congrats on Day 2!!!
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Go to an AA meeting. That will occupy your time and you'll learn a heck of a lot!
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