Could i be wrong ?

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a necessity ?

Originally Posted by ProudPenguin View Post

I don't know if I'm wrong thinking I'm an alcoholic, or am I right .
Are you alcoholic ? -- is liquor no longer a luxury ?
and now become a necessity ?

Maybe not a perfect question but, a pretty good one.

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Don't apologise - this is *exactly* what SR is for ProudPenguin

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Hi, ProudPenguin-

I'm sorry I started this thread out of desperation, moment of weakness and didn't know where to turn to.

This is exactly what the Sober Recovery forums are for. I am coming up on 9 months of sobriety, and this site has been my rock. Please know we are here for you, and posting in a moment of weakness is a great thing to do!

And no, your post does not sound crazy. You sound like all of us in the beginning of recovery....sometimes it takes a time to settle into the idea that we could have a problem with alcohol.

Good for you for going to AA meetings and getting online. Just thought I'd mention, we have a meeting here in our chat room tonight at 9PM EST *although there is a slight issue with our chat software where you may be able to access with a computer/laptop and not a mobile device.

I find the chat meetings very helpful.
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Originally Posted by ProudPenguin View Post
I'm sorry I started this thread out of desperation, moment of weakness and didn't know where to turn to. I realise it sounds like a crazy person wrote it . Thank you everyone
Not at all! You don't sound crazy. You sound exactly like us. I bet all of us have had similar, if not identical, thoughts!

You're right at home here.
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I had a war going on in my head whether to drink or not. I finally made up my mind that it wasn't worth the trouble it brought and got sober for good. And after a few months, I lost the desire to drink. Right about the time I started practicing gratitude every day.
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