Checking In

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Checking In

Hello and happy Sunday ... I have not posted in awhile so thought I'd check in and try to keep myself accountable. I've been lurking and reading a lot since New Years (which is my typical modus operandi) and doing good so far with a reinvigorated commitment to staying sober. Last year saw a lot of progress followed by an embarrassing amount of relapses and day ones. In retrospect, the false starts were at least eye opening and I came away with a better understanding of my relationship with alcohol. I use it as a crutch for the range of emotions from happy (must celebrate by getting drunk!) to sad or indifferent (must numb this feeling by getting drunk). I drink when there is a big rainstorm forecasted, when I have to make long phone calls, and sometimes just because everyone else is and I want to blend in. In short, all of the reasons for poisoning my body are stupid and ridiculous and I am finally realizing that. More importantly, I have the power to make it all stop ... that fact alone is empowering. Thanks to SR for being the one constant in what can feel like a world of chaos.
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welcome back Chuck!
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Great to hear from you Chuck!!
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Do your best
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Hi Chuck
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Hi Chuck! Hope to see you around more often
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Welcome back Chuck, I have done the same as you and I have found that when I check in and keep myself accountable I do better. I am on Day 17 today, starting on the 1st had made keeping track easy.

Hope to continue to see you on here.:-)
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Welcome back! Use the support here to get sober for good.
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Alright Chuck...way to go...keep coming back!!
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