Day 16 - My sleeping pattern is starting to return to normal

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Day 16 - My sleeping pattern is starting to return to normal

Officially on Day 16 here and I just wanted to mention that my sleeping pattern is starting to work itself out. My body is starting to adjust to life without alcohol and it's starting to experience things normally on a normal level again, which means now during the evening around 10:30 I'm starting to feel my eyelids getting heavy. This means I'm actually starting to experience tiredness and the desire to go to bed and sleep again.

This is obviously great and it's something I haven't felt in a long time. Usually I'm drinking so much the sugar is rushing through my body and keeping me awake, then I pass out before my body gets to the point where it can't stay away anymore. It's so refreshing to start feeling like I want to go get tucked up in bed again and fall asleep naturally. Thus, getting a long night of good quality sleep and waking up energised and ready to throw myself into the day.

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Isn't it a trip? This is happening to me, too and it takes a little getting used to!
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Today is day 16 for me as well. Last night I went to bed at 8:00, I was exhausted! I slept until 5:15, I'm still tossing and turning some, but much less!!
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I missed real sleep more than anything. Passing out drunk then waking up 3 hrs later, unable to go back to 'sleep' just don't get it.
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Nice! It takes some time but the body adjusts.
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NJS thank you & big congrats on day 16
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Fantastic Daniel, great job on Day 16!!
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way to go Daniel

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Glad you're sleeping better. Nothing like good sound sober sleep.
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Congratulations on 16 days Daniel! Same to you Delilah!
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This is one of the things that im the most excited about. I have the hardest time falling asleep and sleep aids dont do anything for me
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Nothing like a good night's sober sleep and waking up feeling good -it's the best.
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That's great Daniel, when my sleep started returning to normal it was my first little gift of recovery

Stay strong mate
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I remember that. I definitely sleep better now

Congrats on 16 days (18 now)
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