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It's been two weeks of not drinking! I never knew when to stop.
Can't believe I've done it, never going back.
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That's good news! Congratulations on your decision to live a sober life.
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A simple guy making his way
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Congrats and welcome to SR!
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Welcome to the family and congrats on two weeks sober!
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You can have reasons, or you can have results, but you can't have both.
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So awesome, two weeks sober! The first of many, to be sure!

How are you doing it? Are you feeling a ton better already!
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Welcome to the Forum Jo, great job on 2 Weeks!!
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Great job Jo78...2 weeks is a fantastic start! What are your plans going forward to protect your new found sobriety ?
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Good for you, jo!!

Great job, keep up the great work.
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One day at a time!

Been drinking lots of herbal tea...
Have good day's and bad, but overall feel so good.
Getting to sleep is hard, work and home relationships' have dramatically improved.
Still finding stashed empty bottles.
I was the secret drinker, everyone knew about. Cutting down wasn't an option, as I never knew when too stop.
My storey mirrors most on this site.
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2 weeks is great and I personally found these the hardest (physically anyway), so really well done you. You've made a great start to a much better life.
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Welcome to SR, you are off to a great start, I hope you keep your stick on the ice and reach out when you need help, it keeps me sober and doing great.

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Do your best
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Welcome Jo, congrats on 2 weeks
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