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Just an update on my progress today. I ate some food, had a shower and went round to my friend's house who's just been diagnosed with cancer. I'm feeling drained now. Came home and burst into tears at how ungrateful I am being towards my health by drinking like I have been.
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Keep pushing through Starsailor, it's tough in the beginning, but it will get better!!
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Thanks PurpleKnight. I'm so glad I went there sober and that I'll be going to bed sober. Even though the emotions are painful, at least I'm not numbing them out.
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Hi Star,
A plan definitely helps. I am checking in on SR daily, have built reading, exercise, and journaling into my day, and I also have a sober buddy who I check in with throughout the day.

Think about what you need to help you, and stop beating yourself up, it is in the past.

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I finally got sober for good six years ago after getting sick and tired of waking up hating myself.
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You're sounding good, starsailor. You're so right about emotions - we are meant to feel them & need to. I spent a life time trying to avoid being upset. Numbing ourselves backfires terribly. Happy you are here and posting.
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Thanks a lot Hevvyn. Just on my way into work now and feeling very anxious, but this will pass. I haven't been able to think straight enough to formulate a strong plan yet. What I have decided to do is to:

1. Keep looking on here-reading posts and posting
2. To do a little exercise this week-not too much-I tend to overdo it a bit at first which exhausts me and when I'm tired that's when the AV speaks most
3. Begin journaling and include a gratitude list in each day's entry-to keep me looking at the positive
4.Practice mindfulness at least once a day
5. Eat three square meals a day, even if I don't feel like it

Any thoughts?
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Your plan sounds great.

I would add something that you will do if ever you want to give in to the urge to drink.

Maybe you could call you friend who is ill to be reminded how pervious life is -- or come on here -- or whatever, just something to avoid taking that drink.

You are doing great.
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