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I'm very new to sobriety. That being said, I'm having insatiable cravings. Not for alcohol, but for everything else, especially meat and chocolate. Anyone else go through this??
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Welcome Carrie,
Yes, definitely sweets! It's normal in the beginning- your body is used to converting alcohol into sugar. Get some good ice cream. Orange juice helped me a lot too.
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I read "good ice cream" and my mouth watered! I will take your advice, thank you!
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Chocolate in my case was always #1 and chips that had salt in them. It's rare I touch junk food but I can tell you from my own experience and with friends I made in detox centers, the majority of us experienced this same craving coming out the other side.
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It's a pretty common thing, all that alcohol taken away and the body still expects all that sugar and carbs!!

It will adjust in time, so no harm in having some sugar to curb the craving.

Keep pushing through!!
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The odd cravings will dissipate with more sober time as your body and brain heal. In the meantime, indulge yourself.
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Yes because I hardly ate on a weekly basis I got right back into to all things food I was really underweight so it actually helped
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