a very hard day 3

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a very hard day 3

Well its day 3 it started at 230 this morning when I woke up from withdrawals and just happened to look at my phone had two texts from my manager I some how copied down my schedule wrong and was supposed to work last night and have tonight off so in a crying panic I call and leave her a message and ended up texting her luckily my manager is awesome and I'm just going to go in tonight instead but I couldn't help but thinking if I wasn't an addict this wouldn't have happened so I pretty much cried for almost 3 hours now I'm emotionally drained and totally 3 is not off to a very good start could use any encouraging words anyone has today is going to be a hard one!!!
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I hope that Day 3 improves as the day goes on. Drink plenty of water; eat small, light, healthful meals; try and get some fresh air.

A nice warm, aromatic bath may help.

The first week is usually the worst; you should start to feel better with each passing day, though, tricitygirl.

Congratulations on day 3; be proud of yourself.
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Hi Tricity. Yeah, early sobriety can be hard. You're brain is all muddled. You also want to focus on just taking care of yourself so it's easy to lose track of other obligations. Hang in there, it gets better. Really great you have an understanding boss.
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Be kind to yourself and just breathe... it does get easier with each passing day. Deep breaths, warm baths, long walks, fresh air, and chocolate all help tremendously.

Great job on making it to Day 3. Keep it up
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Do your best
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Don't beat yourself up Tricitygirl your boss sounds awesome keep up your good work
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Sounds like all has been forgiven and you'll work tonight. Give yourself a pat on the back for being sober TODAY and handling the situation as best as you could have.
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Soldier on! Look to the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of us here have been in your situation many times. Day 3 really sucks but soon it will be day 4, then day 5 etc...

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Hey, it's ok. Absolutely everybody makes mistakes. Don't read too much into it, it'll pass and you'll forget all about it. I've figured out that the day(s) I decide I'm not gonna drink, something crazy happens....literally every time. In my experience, just be extra-prepared and know you're strong as hell and can handle it.
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YOu are doing great. Sorry to hear about the work situation but it happens, and it is fantastic that your manager is an understanding person. Don't be too hard on yourself. Keep up the great work!
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Day 3 was a tough one for me, too.

You made a mistake that's all, things at work are straightened out and you're 3 days sober.
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Tricitygirl, you're doing great. The first few days are the toughest. I'm glad your manager is understanding and you can make amends.

Fantastic job on day 3.
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