Another young man dies of cirrhosis.

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Another young man dies of cirrhosis.

My wife has a friend of a friend who posted on Facebook about her brother passing away. He was 38. She told me later he drank too much and died of cirrhosis of the liver. This is about the fifth person under 45 I've heard of this happened between work people's relatives, and fronds of friends etc. that makes you wonder how some drink like fish for 40 years and never have this and others die young from it. I guess it is like anything else like smoking, obesity etc. Scary regardless and more resolve to stay away from the poison.
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Heartbreaking & way too young sad but this is a truth of alcoholics

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Sad to hear, but yet another reminder that people die every day from alcohol.
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Tis really sad. The stats for women these days is through the roof....
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Originally Posted by zombob View Post
Tis really sad. The stats for women these days is through the roof....
It really is sad.
I've lost two women in my life to alcohol in a year. One was 42 the other 34.
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Very sad and scary. There are often no warning signs.

I was extremely fortunate because I was having regular blood work (twice a year) for a medication I'm on. This was near the end of my 13-year break from alcohol. It included liver enzymes and when they suddenly showed up fairly mildly elevated, they retested and were still up. So to be safe, they did a liver biopsy which showed cirrhosis in the next to final stage. It was primarily from excess weight (about 60 lbs) but there were some indications that alcohol was involved to some degree. I was told that I had at most 5 years if I was lucky. I had surgery for the excess weight. I feel incredibly lucky that my liver now looks almost normal. My risk for liver cancer will apparently always remain elevated.
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That is very sad. I too knew someone that died at the same young age from cirrhosis.
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that is very sad.
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