5 years today.....

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5 years today.....

...... and I haven't been to a meeting in probably 2 years. I previously had 11 years of sobriety, but then I relapsed. I used to go to meetings regularly, and just about all of my friends are in recovery. I moved out of town a couple of years ago, and just stopped going to meetings. Nobody knows I don't go anymore except my wife. Anyway, I just happened to remember that today is my sobriety b'day, and I thought I'd post something. I keep telling myself that I should start the meeting thing again, but I just keep putting it off. Not sure why. So, that's where I'm at.
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Congrats! Thanks for the post

You could certainly help others by going to some meetings I would imagine. Surely your story is highly relevant.

Kind regards
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Congrats! 5 years is amazing. ;-)
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Welcome aboard Dennis - congrats on your 5 years

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bona fido dog-lover
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Five years is wonderful. Welcome to the family.
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Welcome to SR, dennis, and congratulations on five years of sobriety; well done.
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Congrats on five years!!!:-)
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Welcome and congratulations on 5 years sober!
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5 years is pretty awesome.

I'm just a few days shy of 4 years - also fairly awesome. ��
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Welcome to the Forum Dennis!! 5 Years is fantastic!!
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Going to any lengths to stay and remain
sober, no matter what. No matter if I
relocated at 7 yrs sobriety, to Houston
away from my recovery support I had
finally gotten comfortable with.

No matter if I was scared half to death
to find new meetings in a new town
or have to drive with constant anxiety
in that Houston lunch hour traffic to
make a noon meeting.

No matter how restless irritable and
discontent I was in my 25 yr marriage,
I found online AA support then came
upon this AWSEOME Site, SR, joined
and this place became my lifeline till
I got to my next AA meeting.

I eventually returned to my hometown
of Baton Rouge in 2006 and reconnected
to my AA meetings and caught up with
those that were extremely instrumental
in helping me remain sober one day at a
time with them sharing their own ESH -
experiences, strengths and hopes of what
their lives were like before, during and
after alcohol or drugs.

Ive been on a journey in recovery with
many changes in my life, many growing
pains and yet I still refuse to let up on
my recovery program, the very gift that
gave me my life back.

The very gift that allows me to live a healthier,
happier, honest life in all my affairs. The very
gift the keeps on giving each day I don't drink.

SR continues to be my main source to pass
on my own ESH to those either coming into
recovery or struggling with it. I along with
many here have found SR to be a family or
homegroup the longer we suit up and show
up to help others with kindness, caringness,
understanding, positiveness, and fellowship.

SR is one of those recovery tools that
I continue to use in this generation of
computers and high tech world, unlike
what it use to be back in the day when
all I had was face to face meetings.
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Almost 700 years sober
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Welcome to SR Dennis and
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Congratulations on your five years!
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Congrats on 5 years!!
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Welcome to SR, and congrats on five years! That's pretty epic!
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Congrats on your 5 years! That's soo awesome!!
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A Day at a Time
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Congrats on five years.

Recovery for me is a lifestyle and part of the lifestyle is AA. I have heard too many first person accounts of what happens to people who stop going meetings.
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Wow...this is wonderful....Congratulations!
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