Day 1

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Day 1

I'm a little embarrassed & ashamed to be back with another day 1 post. I have successfully been all day sober and have no alcohol in the house. I will be going to bed in about an hour to "enjoy" my first night of withdrawals.

I've scheduled an appointment for a complete physical, an appointment with a trainer at the gym tomorrow night and plan to go back to college in August at night to finish my degree.

I told a friend today that I have no idea who to live a sober life, but will figure it out one day at a time.

Day 1 and counting.
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Good job - you made it through Day 1. Never be embarrassed or ashamed - you're among friends who understand and have been there. You can do it this time Sinderos.
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Welcome back Sinderos. Glad to hear you are seeing a doctor and a trainer. Do you have any plans to use any kind of sobriety program/plan? That can be just as important ( or even more important ) as taking care of the physical side.
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Hi keep it slow (trainer, doc, withdrawal)... All worthy activities (beginning with doc).... I read your past are you pooches doing?
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Welcome back, and good job making it through day one. I too have had many day ones, I have 14 days today, and having a plan in place was very helpful for me.
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Welcome back Sinderos

I recommend this link in helping you come up with a recovery plan

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Im really glad. your here Sinderos
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Welcome back Sinderos.

I can relate to the no idea of how to live a sober life as well, but right now, I'm not worried about it. Right now, all I'm worried about it staying sober today, and I'm guessing it'll be like that every day for a while. I'll worry about planning my new sober life once I have some space between myself and alcohol.
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Happy to see you
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Chrissy, the pooches are doing great. They will probably begin enjoying life more now that "mommy" is sober and can take them for real walks and to the park.

Scott, today is day 2. I definitely need a plan but until yesterday I spent all free time drinking until drunk. Sunday morning as I sipped my first drink at 7 am I started thinking about how I was stopping and when my bottle of vodka was gone I was just out and wasn't getting more. That was my plan and so far so good. I honestly don't know what or how I will do it other than one day at a time and try to get my thoughts back in order. I do have a friend who is actually very encouraging. He is the bf that I thought I had lost. He actually has quit drinking and is a huge rock to help me through.

I know for sure if I keep drinking I will be homeless eventually because one can't keep up the pattern of drinking escalation that I have been and not eventually lose their job. That scares me enough to encourage me to stop this nonsense.
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
Welcome back Sinderos

I recommend this link in helping you come up with a recovery plan

Thank you! I've saved it and will read over it tonight.
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