Still sober

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Still sober

I've been logged in but not on the pg for a while.

Just an update. Its been 31 days I believe. Feeling ok. Little things here and there irritate me from time to time but nothing worth drinking over.

Still exercising daily and sticking with my new job for now. Still looking for a better paying one but grateful to have one.

Learning to be more patience with people (man that's hard sometimes, lol)

I'm glad to be sober today. I can't say what will happen tomorrow. Just going to pray and maintain focus on the positives of being sober to guide me thru it.

Prayers to everyone on the forum (those with years, those with hours and everyone in between)

Hope all the mother's had a great day.

Take care.
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Congratulations on 31 days TNT. The first month can be hard so it's great you've got through it.
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Congratulations on 31 days! I got irritated with people a lot early on. And who am I kidding? I still get irritated. But, that's always something to work on.

Well done!
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Way to go TNTStill

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Congratulations tnt, on 31 days, brilliant.
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Do your best
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Congrats on 31 days that is exellent
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31 Days is fantastic!!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on the first of many sober months!
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Outstanding job on 31 days! Keep up the good work!
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