My new sober skin needs to get thicker

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My new sober skin needs to get thicker

Emotions - those pesky nasty little buggers. They sneak up on you and wreak havoc. I was taking the advice of some of you regarding how to deal with Mother's Day. Someone said to look at old pics. Well.... they are now soaked in saline! I can't believe how emotional I am. I swear I will cry at the drop of a hat. Card tricks make me sob!

I feel like the sober skin is still very pink and sensitive. Any exposure to anything and it hurts. I almost wish I had that old wrinkled burnt skin again.
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Awww... ((ArtFriend)). Nothing I can do except offer you this:

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I have to admit that my sober-skin is more sensitive to certain things, too, but I'll take it over that numb, 'checked-out emotionally' state.

(And it's going to be okay, sweetheart; it's going to be oka).
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I say have a good cry and remember the good times. I am sure she would be so proud of you.

I didn't emote for a long time so it is definitely taking some time getting use to them coming to the surface so easily. All things considered though I prefer it this way, even if I do feel silly sometimes.

BIG HUGS Artfriend!
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AF, I'm sorry you're feeling bad. It helped me a lot to remember that the emotions are just feelings. They don't control me. I can feel them and let them go.
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I completely agree with Axiom. You need to let it ALL out. Cry it all the way out. I don't think that crying is a sign of weakness... It is the physical expression of your emotions and that is why it's so important to let it all the way out. When I have a good cry I feel the hormones releasing in my brain. I cry whenever I feel like even if it is in front of people. I don't mean to sound like I go round crying all the time but if I feel moved or I feel the emotion I let it out . I cry at weddings.

These are your emotions and it is completely fine to feel them and work through them. Remember that everything passes.

You are being too harsh with yourself when you are just being.

Send you a hug.
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Thank you all! I wonder if like Axiom said, it is just that the feelings have been stifled for so long, the damn has burst? I know it is better to cry than to keep it in and drink. Feelings are hard to "entertain" at times...esp when you aren't used to having coffee with them.

p.s. I am tearing up even writing these comments!
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Don't worry ArtFriend. Think of it this way... crying is scientifically proven to be one of the healthiest outlets you have. Having a good cry is good for your body, soul, and everything else.

Don't worry, just let it out, and tomorrow will be another day with less burden. ((hug))
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I am going to go outside and mow the lawn between the raindrops. Maybe that will help.
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Have you ever read the highly sensitive person? I read it a few years ago and lent it to somebody but the gist of it is that some of us are just naturally more sensitive than others and surprise surprise, a lot of us abuse alcohol and pills. Anyways you don't need to buy the book I think they're are some websites dedicated to hsp's. I used to beat myself up a d still do for being "overly" sensitive as that's what my Father told me after verbally abusing me. It's just the way I am nothing wrong with me.
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Yes, I just recently bought that book! I haven't read it yet. But, I understand the concept of HSPs. I am like you greens... my mother told me to try and toughen up (she was of that era when you just pulled yourself up by your boot straps). Alas, I failed to toughen up like she wanted. I am glad they put a name to this condition, rather than labeling the person weak or frail.
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Psalm 118:24
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this to shall pass
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I wish I could cry. Being on antidepressants dampens the emotions a bit. Crying is a great cleansing release. A bit like an orgasm, I think. Can I say that??
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Sensitive people rock
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When I get weepy I have to go out to my car and scream and cry, sometimes until I puke. After a while there's nothing left. I don't even attempt to drive during this either. Just go out there and be alone and remember: This Too Shall Pass
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Artfriend, I get emotional at some odd times. The things I should get emotional about I don't and on the other side I will hear some stupid advertisement on the radio and want to cry. I recently cried when watching Flight of the Navigator, if you remember that one.. To be honest I find these strange emotions to be kinda amusing. I know with time they will get more normal. Just don't drink and we can heal.
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Not only am I more emotional these days, I have no idea how to deal with them. I'm finding it kind of amusing. I think drinking and not caring all those years left me somewhere around 15 emotionally, and I always chose to ignore it instead of dealing with it. I almost cried in public today, and I haven't even cried in private for years!
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Man, I get it! I could be a crazy jerk chewing some guy out at the convenience store for whatever and then cry at a McDonalds commercial.

I have learned this is emotional immaturity and very common among folks like us. Alcohol ******* our emotional growth - we get stuck at a young age.

I do find that I am more level and reasoned with my emotions today. Don't get me wrong, I am indeed sensitive - always have been. But, the emotional swings are smoother it seems.

Now, don't play Moon River for me..........It was my parents wedding song- it will get me every time!!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's here!!
We love you!!
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Emotions can be overwhelming.

I can relate to the way you're feeling. Sobriety can feel very 'raw' at times.

It's a learning process.
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I think the crying is therapeutic . You probably missed out on a lot of the grieving process when your Mom passed.

I know I did, and crying feels good.
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