Day 2

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Day 2

So far so good, but I'm about to head out of work and my bus route goes right down the strip of bars/restaurants I used to frequent. Hope it's not too hard to see on a lovely Friday evening - wish me luck!
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Close your eyes; try to take deep breaths; meditate - concentrate on how great it will feel to wake-up tomorrow hangover-free.

You can do this, lanier.
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Do your best
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You can do it Lanier just think soon youl be home chatting to us more your not aslone were here to help

Spk soon Lanier
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Can't add much wisdom to what the previous two posters wrote. Look away, play the scenario out, think about tomorrow, engage in a book, etc. And then you'll be home with something to build on.
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Ianier, didn't you hear? Your money is no good there anymore....

Hope you make it through, we're all rooting for you!
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Lanier. I found it helped to remind my self that i was "building a sober life". The urges and triggers can be tough early on, but over time they weaken. Every urge we don't give in to weakens the power of the addiction over us.
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Made it home just fine (and very happy)! Thanks guys!
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