Sorry folks

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Sorry folks

Yesterday's post was a real bummer. Sorry I subjected y'all to the crap I'm mired in.

I really appreciate the responses. I found some comfort in them, and also a glimmer of hope.

I've got to do something to unload all of this frustration I'm feeling.
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don't be sorry...

It's OK to feel those things and it's just as OK to need to share.

That's what having support is about.

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That's what SR is for--sending you both good wishes
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I agree. If something is happening in your life that you are trying to figure out or work through, the best thing is to get it out.

I've been on other forums (not recovery related) and I've learned a lot about people and myself by participating. If something is making you angry, and you're thinking of drinking because of it, that's what this place is for - for getting support and feedback and keeping us grounded.

Anger and resentment are huge stumbling blocks to sobriety; learning to deal with them in healthy ways was a big part of my recovery. Some things I have no control over and I have to just accept them. The things I do have the ability to change, I can do that. The way I react to life's stress is my choice.

Keep posting. It helps you and it helps us.
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No need for apologizes JD. We all need support, you are in the right place.

Lean on us as much as you need.
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Glad you are back. Letting it out is important.
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Don't be sorry at all! I just read your post yesterday and just shook my head in disbelief. Your poor girlfriend. I can't believe she has had to endure so much pain in her life. It's just not fair and makes me so angry when I hear of children being abused like that! Probably because I was abused too but nothing like her! I think it's good that you are venting. She's lucky to have you to love and support her. That's really all I can say except I will pray for both of you. Hang in there and give her a hug from me...let her know I'm praying for her.
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JD, no need to apologize, you are dealing with alot. In fact, I believe a lesser man would not be able to handle what you have. You show strength in your resolve.
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Sorry for what?
I personally hope
things work out for the best
for you and your girl.
Keep posting.
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It's good to unload like you did. This is a good place for it. It's a heartbreaking story you told. I really feel for you and her. It's just so much to deal with. I was truly at a loss for words after reading it.

Are you seeing a counselor? Might be a good idea.
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Don't worry about your posting yesterday. We all get stressed and frustrated at times. I hope that you can see things a bit more brightly today.
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Originally Posted by FreeOwl View Post
don't be sorry...

It's OK to feel those things and it's just as OK to need to share.

That's what having support is about.

^^^ this.
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Ditto on letting it out. You've got a lot on your plate. It helps to talk.
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Do your best
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JD i think your a pretty awesome person you have nothing to apoligise for im glad your here

Spk soon JD
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no need for apologies JD. that's why SR is here

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Glad your here JD.
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You're among friends JD.
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I think it's good to get it out and am glad you feel safe here to do it. I also think some counseling is good for everyone. Best wishes to you both.
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All of these posts just putting their hearts around you, JD. Makes me happy
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Dont be sorry. Thats what were here for. Just like youve been there for me just after i joined. Thanks bud.
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