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back but not new

I fail to remember my old login. Sadly, but im taking this as a sign from my higher power that this is a fresh new start, to correct my thinking and actions to keep me sober. My last drink was on January 3rd 2015. Prior I had 18 months sober, better said dry drunk. I failed to work on me. I changed everything but myself and well we all know the rest. During my first months of sobriety I was in jail on a violation from drinking. My mind was set on drinking again those first few weeks. Then the cloud started to float away and reality kicked in. Hard cold truths. Much needed. One of mystery fears is what if I cant I must stop this what if mentality. Its what got me drinking again in the first place. I fully accept and admit I can not do this alone. A hard concept for me to take in as I fully am an independent person, which I am working on daily, allowing myself to be ok with help. Luckly this time I didnt lose it all but I lost alot. Mostly I lost emotionally. The pain is unbearable but I work through it daily. I have gained alot back I never exxpected, my ex husband, amazing man and support, have decided to work on repairing us. I left no real reason but to run from life. Eben through my drinking while divorced he was always trying to guide me back to reality. My step daughter whom I adore highly is still apart of my life. Thanks to them my home trucks and legal issues both im victem and my personal is all on the right path and safe. I still need help. I need step help, my husband is a great support and highly understandable about my problem, which helps, but I also need you all.
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Welcome back Ecarbo!!
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Welcome back ecarbo, and congratulations on your new found sobriety. Lots of support to be found here on SR, any time of the day. I hope you can stick around and join us.
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Welcome back Ecarbo. I hope to see you around.
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Hi and welcome back, Ecarbo.
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Hi and welcome back.

I/we need help at many different levels and I get mine at meetings even after a lot of years.

There we listen to learn and remember why we got there in the first place. Most of all we discover and repair the reasons we drank and how to live in recovery in a more healthy manner one day at a time in a row.

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Glad you are back! :-)
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Do your best
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Welcome Ecarbo
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Very happy you returned to us ecarbo.
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Welcome (back) ecarbo
do you have a plan to help you stay sober?

what did you do last time?

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