Day 4 and not a drop of Alcohol in spite of a Difficult time

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Red face Day 4 and not a drop of Alcohol in spite of a Difficult time

Day 4 and not a drop of Alcohol...

On Friday had my Lap Top and external drive crash due to a huge power surge in our complex...lost a lot of important data during
my busiest season for my business - EXTREMELY STRESSFUL and'CHALLENGING and yet instead of Drinking I went to my first
AA MEETING and was thankful I did as it offered me some hope
and support.

On Saturday had to attend a Party / Fundraiser that was PAID for
a few months ago and I was a GUEST SPEAKER at - and all of my friends, and my Boyfriend were drinking and trying their best to
buy and offer me drinks...and instead of doing what I would usually
do and tell myself it's a special occasion and I can start again tomorrow, I politely declined, determined to continue on my path of sobriety, health and happiness.

On Sunday got into a big fight with my boyfriend first thing in the morning and after saying some very disrespectful and hurtful things
he took off until late that night - leaving me home alone.... and
though I really wanted to have a few drinks to ease the pain - I decided to mediate, go lay by the pool for a few and read from my
Alcoholics Anonymous Book, come back and cook and then relax in the jacuzzi and meditate some more.

Today Monday was another very challenging, super busy and stressful day business wise - and once again though I had the urge
to have a drink or two as I sat here in my home office working the
past 18 hrs straight...I put on some soothing music as I was working, prayed throughout the day and reaffirmed to myself that I needed
to be strong and that "This Too Shall Pass"....and it did.

Tomorrow I am renewing my GYM MEMBERSHIP as I have found when I am focused on a consistent daily workout routine I do not
have that constant desire to drink. Also going to stop by a local
AA Meeting for additional encouragement and support.

It is a process and I am taking it one day at a time...Working each day
to change the thoughts, behaviors and patterns that are not serving my HIGHEST and BEST.

I am thankful for this website and forum as it has helped to provide me with support, hope, inspiration and information throughout the day to keep me on my path.

Always keeping each of you in my thoughts and prayers that you also
find healing, hope, happiness, health and prosperity!
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Well done, it sounds like you've had a stressful few days but your will power has got you through x
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Congrats on your commitment and determination SoulDiva

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I feel for you, SoulDiva! I got careless once while installing a new HD, didn't unplug the old one first. Despite having done this a hundred times before somehow I wound up overwriting the old drive! Lost five years of files that had no backups.

Congrats on staying sober through it! Getting drunk won't bring back your files!
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Congrats SoulDiva!

Sounds like your sobriety was really put to the test, and you came out the other end stronger than you were.
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Well done souldiva on dealing with a difficult few days, without picking up a drink.

Good news that you found the AA meeting helpful and that you are going back,welcome to the fellowship.
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Behold the power of NO
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Congrats on 4 days and many more to come.
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Well done on four days and I'm really pleased for you that you haven't picked up a drink despite the stress. Just proves to you how well you're doing :-)
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Day 4 is fantastic SoulDiva!! Keep pushing through!!
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Do your best
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Way to go SoulDiva
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Way to go! Sounds like a whole lot to deal with all at once and you did it. Well done. I like how you outlined each thing, step by step, and how you managed to get through it. That's really great. Keep going!
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