"Honeymoon Phase" is over

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"Honeymoon Phase" is over

Hey all. I'm on day 45 and I need a little feedback. The last few days, off and on, I've been overcome with sadness. I'm prone to depression and take medication for it, but I'm also wondering if the honeymoon phase of sobriety is wearing off. In the past, I would drink to numb these feelings; I don't feel like drinking still, but the sadness is uncomfortable. I just wondered if anyone else had similar experience with anything like this?
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Congrats on 45 days. I experienced a period of down in the dumps. It fluctuated between 3 and 9 months. Just know that it may come and go but it gets better with time. Also, don't expect life to be all peachy just because we are sober. Life has it's ups and downs whether we drink or not. It's being able to handle life's challenges while being sober is what I am hoping to achieve. No more hiding behind the bottle like I did for too many years to mention.
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I think almost everyone experiences a little sadness, InMyBlood - it's a massive lifestyle change.

If you're prone to depression tho, why not check with your Dr just to be sure?

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Yeah - I felt that around 2-3 months when the pink cloud goes away - it does turn around. Part of it is getting used to the highs and lows and not having it all mellowed out with booze. You do get some really nice high moments - but there are some times when it's low as well and tiring. Overall it's not going to help to drink - that's what I keep saying to myself.
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I had this really bad at 2-3 months and still have my moments. Ride it out and it will improve. Also maybe check with your Dr maybe your medicine needs to be tweaked now that you are abstaining.
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Due to my depression and ptsd my mood is always changing. I vaguely remember a a honey moon period or pink cloud but there were always ups and downs
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Day 45 is fantastic!!

It took some time for years of drinking to be healed, not just physically buy mentally and emotionally also, hang in there, it will get better!!
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Day 45 is great. I went through what Della described too. It's hard to start dealing with emotions without alcohol. You can get through it. Maybe check with your doctor too.
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Originally Posted by InMyBlood View Post
...but I'm also wondering if the honeymoon phase of sobriety is wearing off. In the past, I would drink to numb these feelings;
Congrats on 45 days. However, 45 days is still early in recovery. The shine hasn't worn off of sobriety, just a little tarnished. Don't fret, it's temporary if you stay focused on your recovery. Temporary, unless you drink.
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Do your best
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Your doing really well on day 45 congrats
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That's normal the first few months for me were a roller coaster.
Fight the feelings, stay busy with everyday it get easier. Stay strong
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Thanks for all the responses and input. I powered through, went to a meeting, and talked to my husband about it. I think it's just one of those feelings I get sometimes, it passed fairly quickly and I'm feeling much better!
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