Blood sugar issues, depression, anxiety

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Blood sugar issues, depression, anxiety

You know I am naturally hypoglycemic I run low 60-80 range in the mornings. Whilst drinking I never really thought about it, but I was artificially raising it all the time. Someone mentioned that to me today, and in all my times quitting I never really thought anxiety and depression could be tied to low blood sugar.

Does anyone experience depression or anxiety with low blood sugar? I know nobody can give medical advice but anectodtally should I be eating bread throughout the day, or the person I mentioned said something like glygogel ( spelling?). I don't know, only time my doctor ever really got concerned was the time I test at 55 after a fasting blood test, and even then he said because you run so low to begin with, that its not a huge issue and to eat more starches.

So I don't know, but if I could help my depression and anxiety by raising my blood sugar I would give it a shot. Just someones theory, but I was curious if anyone ran low on blood sugar started to bring it to normal levels and if it really improved how they felt?

otherwise thanks for reading have a good day
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Definitely, definitely! I get very weird with my blood sugar levels. I take medication for my depression and anxiety and blood sugar is a big issue for me. I have to eat something every three hours, if I don't then I get shaky and anything can trigger my anxiety and make it hit new highs.
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