1 Year on SR

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1 Year on SR

(I wanted to wait until tomorrow to post this, but I got restless).

Hello everyone.

As of May 1st, 2015,
I've been a member of SR for exactly one year.
I clearly remember being disgusted, hungover/withdrawing
at work, for the 1000th time. (or more)
On May 1st 2014, I decided to post. The immediate responses
were overwhelming to me. I was welcomed unconditionally.

I've lurked here for a couple years prior, then finally took the plunge.
During that time, I've learned quite a bit, met some wonderful people
and have gained different insight for my recovery.

In the past year, since joining, I'm sorry to admit that
the longest stretch I've had being sober for was just about 90 days.

With quick math, I guess I've been sober approximately
70% of the year.
Not a very good track record, but I am still fighting.
I will mention that without the help of SR,
my aforementioned percentage
would have been much lower.

In closing, I encourage all “lurkers” to join.
You will not only have a chance to help yourself,
you may also help others; whether you'll realize it
or not.

Thanks Everyone that took the time to read this.
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Lunar, I'm glad you posted the update.

It's so good that you are here and working on your recovery. Don't be discouraged and do continue to focus on what you've accomplished.
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Do your best
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Congratulations Lunar
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Yes, congratulations!
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Thank You All
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Keep pushing through Lunar!! Fantastic stuff!!
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