It's about time.

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It's about time.

Just wanted to let you all know that I made it 24 hours for the first time in several times trying (years).I feel so good. I was standing in the shower this morning, and i realized a huge sense of greatfullness washing over me. I don't know why, but ill take it. I joined the april newcomer thread right after I made the decision to quit, Thank you everyone. It maybe a pink cloud, but compared to the black skies I have created for myself while drinking i am going to embace it. I know its only a beginning, but you got to start soewhere. Thanks again everyone.
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Well done, fgo! You're doing great!
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I know exactly what you mean. Instead of waking up to regret and self-reproach as usual, you feel proud of yourself and have no hangover.
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24 hours is somewhere we all have to start. You are on your way.
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Do your best
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24h is amazing well done friend
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Fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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way to go FGO

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Proud of you finallygotout - you never have to return to that misery.
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Great job FGO. some of my many times I tried to quit was getting past that first day. Breaking the routine is hard...
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