Your plan

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Your plan

I have read a lot about having a plan for sobriety. My question is this - should "the plan" be written out on paper or just something in your mind. I haven't written anything out for myself, but maybe I should?
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I think writing it down would set it in stone more, but I have not written it down either.
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Writing it out (both here and on paper) made it real for me. It made it go from a thought to an action. It's made all the difference in the world this time.
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Reduce your plan to writing...The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire.
-- Napoleon Hill

And I would add to Hill's quote, read it daily.
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In early sobriety i used to write down my entire daily schedule, literally hour by hour so I always had something planned instead of drinking. I'm still pretty anal about keeping a detailed electronic schedule but not quite to that extent.

To me what's most important is making sure time is spend every day on your recovery, whatever method you use. If you are in a meeting based recovery program it's a lot easier because the meetings are already set, the steps are already written and you probably have a sponsor. If you are doing a self-based program like AVRT, or just using SR you are responsible for making sure that you do the work. If you need to write it down to make sure you do it, then absolutely do so.
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My plan is on paper.

I have a page for day to day stuff to keep me occupied. I did it hour by hour for the first week and now it's easier. I write everything down so I have immediate "oh my god, I'm going to drink" coping mechanisms, then I have day to day maintenance, weekly and monthly.

Mostly it's reading, AA meetings, SR and writing.
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Whatever helps you to be accountable. For me writing it down meant I had an extra piece of paper to throw away when I changed my mind lol. Telling non-alcoholics about my plan meant I'd have more people to hide my relapse from. Telling active alcoholics was like talking to my AV in the physical form.

Once I disclosed to sober alcoholics about my plan to stop drinking, the jig was officially up! They knew all the signs of someone still drinking and saved me from myself long enough for me to get a glimpse of joy. That accountability was critical but no plan will stick without willingness.
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I think a written plan is probably better. I tend to rationalize my behavior in my head and the plan goes by the wayside at times. The more tangible the better, for me at least.
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I find writing it down really helps, and you will have something to read when the AV pops up. I am learning how easy it is to forget why we started this in the first place.
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Exactly what Scott said
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I am about to go old school with a calendar to set up my times. Electronic I never stay committed.

I did read its better to have your plan written down. The HAMS website has some charts and guidance to print out.
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