How long does the body/brain take to heal?

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Im interested to know if anyone knows how long it takes for the body and brain to physically heal?

I wonder if I would be as physically healed at 5 months sober as im going to be? I dont think the same amount of research has been done on this as say smoking..... I drank heavily for 6 years
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Everyone is different, it’s not like 1+1 = 2
For some a lot of damage is done and total mental and physical repair may never be complete especially if we relapse.
I’d say in general that most of us can heal in a couple years. There now you know as much as before.

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natropaths and doctors say it takes 4 months for the cells and blood to do a full cycle and renew, but I'm not sure if this is what your asking?
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Depends on too many factors. Age, how much you drank, diet, exercise routine, weight, DNA, and more. Regardless though, quitting drinking can only be healthy for you.
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Yeah there's no one size fits all answer Justin.

I had some mini strokes to muddy the waters but to be honest I didn't feel my brain returned to what I thought it could be until a few years down the track.

There is progressive improvement tho - that much is true for everyone

I would think you'll see that over the course of the first year at least in little, almost imperceptible, ways.

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I read a study the other day that said that alcohol is the most dangerous drug to withdraw from, and takes anywhere from four to six months to recover. But other drugs like meth, although not as dangerous to withdraw from, takes one to two years to fully recover but I would think these are averages, since so many factors have to be taken into consideration. The study also said that 45,000 people die each year from alcoholism. John
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As others have noted, it’s different for everyone, and those differences can be huge.

I feel like at 2 years and 1 month continuous sobriety, my brain function and nervous system are finally starting to make some noticeable progress toward healing. I drank alcoholically for around 12 years, with a lot of on-and-off towards the end which I'm sure didn't do my brain any favors.

On the other hand, I just read a post on here the other day from a 30-year drinker who drank way more than I did, and who reported feeling fit as a fiddle after just a week sober (I wanted to whack him!).

There’s no timeline. The thing to remember is that if you don’t drink, things at least have a chance of getting better. If you drink, the chances are zero.
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Do your best
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I agree with D
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