sober life

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sober life

So today was day 7 for me. It was very enjoyable. I spent the day with my fiance running errands, going on walks, all good stuff. But I must say its a very weird feeling being sober. Weird in a good way but weird non the less. I guess when you have spent over 10 years of your life being drunk or hungover 99% of the time, being normal again will take some getting used to. I was sitting here trying to think of the best word to describe the way it feels ... Surreal, vivid, lucid, almost like a dream state where you are almost paranoid that you are gonna wake up to the normal still drunk hangover withdraw ... I don't really have a point just sharing my experience right now ... Hope everyone is doing well
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I agree with you that it's a very weird feeling. I feel that way too.
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I hear ya, too. It is strange to have that monkey off your back, but it is freeing.
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Yea I remember that
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This is awesome stuff, and some of the best words to describe sobriety I've read. Things are so blurred whilst we drink and coming out of the haze is quite amazing.
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I had that for a while mad - but I learned to trust it as 'real' eventually.
You will too

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I can understand that too and congratulations on a week!

I am definitely feeling things more and quite intensely. I actually cried the other night and it wasn't horrible or unpleasant, but I realised I haven't cried for a good couple of years and I think it came out because I numbed out for so long with alcohol.

Keep going and it sounds like you had a lovely day!
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KEEP IT UP, it will get better and better if we don’t pick up the first drink.
Now the work can start for a healthy recovery and good comfortable feelings.

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Day 7 is fantastic!! Keep pushing through!!
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Do your best
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Way to go on a week
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