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Lightbulb hi

my name is 'carmen' for purposes of this forum. My real name is so unique that It is easy to trace me anywhere on the internet, so I'm sorry not to share it with you. I WISH i could. I am two years sober, when I found this site I felt a rush of that, 'pure healing feeling' I remember feeling in the aa. Because this is my medicine for my illness of alcoholism. I find it very hard not to blame other people for my alcoholism, I assume that is my next not blame other people for my alcoholism. I hadn't even imagined that was an option until just now. I have not slept all night. it's half six in the morning.
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Hi Carmen

Nice to meet you.

I'm in the UK so also 6.30am. It's interesting reading the different journeys everyone has taken.

For me accepting my alcoholism was nobody else's fault but mine was the first step.

Well done on two years - that's fantastic!
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Hey Carmen, how are you? Its 1036 pm here, I am in Reno, Nv Usa. Sorry you didn't sleep, I hope you can catch some zzz's today.

Congrats on 2 years sober. This place is awesome and all the people here are so caring.
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Welcome to SR, Carmen. You will find a lot of support here. 2 years sober? You are a bad a%$!
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Hi Carmen - welcome to SR.

I also go to AA (twice a week usually) as well as using this forum on a daily basis. I spent many years blaming everyone and everything for all aspects of my life that I thought were to blame for my unhappiness and my drinking. For me it was the step-4 work at AA (working on my resentments and harms lists) that was my light-bulb moment. It's kind of horrible (for a moment) realising that I was culpable - but also so liberating. I have never felt less of a victim in my life.

You mentioned AA - do you still go?

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Welcome Carmen - real name or not - this is a friendly safe anonymous place full of support and help

glad to have you join us

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Welcome to the Forum Carmen!!
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Do your best
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Welcome Carmen
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