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Hi all... i haven't posted much lately, doesn't mean I haven't lurked or thought about all the support here. Its been kind of a good news bad news things. The good news is, I am still sober, and actually liking it. I have had plenty of opportunity to sneak drinks, having alot of alone time, and i haven't felt tempted at all. I think its more than 6 weeks now. The doctor has tweaked my medications, and the shaking has decreased dramatically. The bad news is, my relationship is falling apart. We have been together over 8 years now, living together for 4... and i have realized that I dont really like her much, when I am sober. So, we dont talk, walk around each other, I am hoping she moves out pretty soon.. well, thats my update.. Thanks for all the support here..
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Do your best
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Have you spoken to her about this ?

Congrats on your sobriety
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Do your best
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I'm sorry to hear about your relationship's good you're staying sober tho.

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I'm glad you're doing well, but sorry your relationship is ending.
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Your sobriety is priority right now, Lost.

I know stress was a big trigger for me. Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can help you get through this.
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It was hard for me to like others when my self respect was so low, and I was withdrawn from others and resented intrusion.

In time I realised others needed to protect themselves from my powerful negativity.

I am so grateful my wife stuck with me. When I improved, things improved- it took long time for the relationship to get back on track.

Hope it works out for you
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