bad day

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bad day

I had a tough day. Work has been stressing me out and Im not happy or content with the project they have me working on but they won't switch my project. It has been really frustrating for a long time.

I was complaining about it to my co worker who sits next to me and he gave me some advise that was very direct and blunt. He said I have 3 options. I can come in and punch the clock everyday just to get a paycheck, or I can start learning the new skills I'll need to actually do well on the project I'm on so I can have a chance at getting a bonus check and making money again, or I can look for another job. And he said that I was spoiled, spoiled rotten.

What he said was true and honest but the way he said it... it was sort of loud and I felt like other people might have heard. And it was very blunt and upset me because I know I should look for a different job but im scared to do that cause I don't like leaving what is familiar and going outside my comfort zone. If I get a new job I will have to learn a new job that I don't know how to do yet and I don't know if I'll be good at or not. And I'll have to get used to new co workers. Its a scary thing for me.

I'm just not ready for that change yet. I am dealing with enough new experiences at the moment and I can only take so much change at a time.

I just don't like who I am even when I am sober. Im not happy or content. And I understand what I've heard about alcohol not being our problem. It was our solution to our living problem. But that solution stopped working. So now I am sober and I still have major living problems. I am not good at drinking or being sober.
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I'm not sure I'd like some workmate telling me I was spoiled rotten.

Try and think about what you want ItsJustMe - not what someone else thinks, or whatever options they think you have...y'know?

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I am sorry to hear that your coworker was a bit loud and you fee bad. That was a bit harsh, their choice of words. Maybe they have their own issues making them unhappy. One thing at a time. Maybe coming in, punching the clock and just getting through the work day is ok while you are concentrating on sobriety. Keep it simple.
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OK your co-worker was too loud and blunt, but he was giving you a gift too. Now you know what other workers may be thinking.

I know it will be hard, but why not go to him and ask him what courses you can do to bring extra skills to the project? You won't regret it. Whatever you do, don't sulk.
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It'll take a while for us to heal and it shouldn't be underestimated how great it is that you're sober and embarking on this new life!

I had a breakdown last year and was working in a very low-stress job and it was a blessing for me. It allowed me to go in at a set time, have set breaks and leave at the same time everyday. I knew what I was doing, nothing unexpected happened and it gave me that space to sort myself out. If you need to do the same in your job, turn up, work, go home, and that helps keep you sober, then for now, it might be what you need.

The fact that you have an opportunity to have more responsibility at work on this project is kind of exciting, but if you can't take it on right now, that's okay too.

Don't feel bad about the progress you're making. You're working and you've embarked on this new, sober life, this is great!
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Never judge someone by the opinion of another. It's difficult to do sometimes, but I include myself in the "someone" category. Don't judge yourself by the opinions of your coworker. Sometimes we need to be spoiled rotten to protect our sobriety.
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