What Hump?

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What Hump?

It's hump day...

Thatís a perfect example of denial. As you make your way through the week and those thoughts about how your boss is getting on your nerves, your coworkers are starting to annoy and you start thinking how a drink will help you unwind. Yeah, just one or two is allÖ Surely I can handle a couple drinks to take the edge off. If I get through today thereís only a couple more days left in the week. I can have my relaxing drink on Friday after work.
Donít kid yourself. You know if you have one or two, youíll have ten. And then you are back to square one.
Donít be in denial. Donít be an EYE-gor.

Happy Hump Day!
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happy humping all, usually starting to flag by Wednesday as drinking and 3 early mornings is starting to take it out of me. I'm the opposite this week got some good optimism going for the weekend, the suns shining and I'm going for the first fishing trip of the year.
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excellent marathon man...
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Roll, roll, roll in the hay! I love this movie.

Happy Wednesday y'all.
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Where wolf? There wolf... there castle
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A Day at a Time
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If you watch close the hump keeps changing sides throughout the movie.

Drinking a fifth a day.....What hump?
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Do your best
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Thanks L
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Hears The Voice
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My hump My hump
My hump My hump My hump
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I can't watch the clip but I CAN play and hear the entire scene in my head. Perfect example of denial. Love it! Thanks Brain!

I don't have so many issues with weekends anymore but I do remember. I side railed urges and cravings early on by making sure I wasn't thirsty on Friday at the end of the day. Water, decaf coffee, a soda. If I was hungry I ate. Chocolate for sugar is helpful. I also made sure to attend a beginner's AA meeting in the early evening for support. Above all, I took alcohol off the menu.

Make plans now for the weekend. And what you will do, not can or maybe do, to avoid alcohol.
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A riot is an ugly thingk... and I tink that it is about time ve had vun

Hump day used to be my Friday. Couldn't even wait till the weekend to get stuck in. What the ****did I use to do it for and why did I wait so long to stop?
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Self recovered Self discovered
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What to do instead of drinking? The correct answer is anything else, even if that appears to be simply sitting, following the breath, and allowing what is to exist without judgement and without a battle. Exercise. Creating in the kitchen. Building something useful. Developing a skill. Volunteering.

Tonight I and a bunch of really old guys are going to a retirement home to sing barbershop arrangements of some real old time songs. We rehearse weekly and and take this stuff pretty seriously. Matching shirts and ties. The shut-ins just love it.
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great post, as always, LBrain; thanks.
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Love hump day!!

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Abby who?
Abby Normal

I loved this movie
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Put the candle back!
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Listen at your own risk. You have been warned.

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Well this turned out to be a great thread!

Denial is certainly equal opportunity! As I look back on when I used to drink, I never thought I had a problem because I could take it or leave it. In fact, when I quit drinking, I did so to quit smoking! Just stopped going to the bar. Never brought any home, had to stop going places where I could buy cigarettes. Had to stop carrying cash.

But when I look back on how alcohol effected my life, I had a problem, no doubt about it. If I hadn't decided to quit smoking (so I could have a baby) when I did, I have no doubt I'd be in big trouble by now. I binge drank initially, starting in high school. I drank wine daily in college and for some years after. I drank heavily every night through my first marriage. I cheated, I got pregnant and had an abortion. When we went our separate ways, I met XAH, at the bar. he had his own drama, and we fueled everything with booze. We were married a year later, and that's when I quit. He didn't. By then, he couldn't. So he hid it. I was in denial for years, focusing on the baby, the daughter he had with his ex, my job, the house, etc. He was chronically unemployed, and spent most of his time, and our money, drinking in the basement and playing World of Warcraft.

I divorced him. I never said a word about his drinking. Because I didn't realize how bad it was until he was gone.

I haven't had a drink in 12 years and didn't even realize it until this thread. Once I was done, I was done. I have relapsed on cigarettes a million times since then, and I keep on quitting.

None of this insight would have been possible without Al Anon, SR, and all of you. I wish you all peace. And I am damned grateful.
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