Made it a week

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Made it a week

Hi friends - I haven't posted in a while. I've thought I was ready multiple times to stop drinking when really I just was thinking of cutting down. Thinking about never drinking again makes me angry (problem). I've started a new routine after work that seems to be working and I finally have a clear head. I already look better and the urges are less every day. I made it through the weekend and have realized that everything that is "difficult" in my life is because I was in a fog. Things seem easier - especially in the past few days. Instead of drinking right after work - I can run errands with the kids. I was always in a "rush" to get home. I didn't even want to stop and get gas - it seemed like such a hassle. The next day - not only do I still need gas, but I'm hungover and on my way to work. It seems so simple - all these "problems" - I was creating for myself. Anyways - I have never felt so confident. I hope you all are doing well - I have been on every day reading.
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Hi BBFK so good to hear from you great job on a week sober
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Good for you for getting through a week.

Being sober does make life simpler, doesn't it!
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Congrats on a week BeBetter. It is pretty amazing how much we can get done when our minds aren't constantly sedated!
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Congrats on the first of many sober weeks.
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1 Week is fantastic!!
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Keep going!
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I can really relate to rushing home from work. All I wanted to do was get messed up and pass out.

That was a pretty bleak existence. I'm currently working on making my existence a little more meaningful

Congratulations on your week!
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Glad to have you back. :-) Congrats on 1 week sober. We are all here for you.
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Thank you everyone!!
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