Feeling Lucky

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Feeling Lucky

Hello again folks.

I was just thinking about my road to recovery and what my drinking triggers are.

I used to binge heavily for as long as my body could handle it. Usually on my weekends, whatever they turned out to be. It got worse of course and I'd miss work because of how terrible I felt, and with that extra day off, what did I do? You don't win a million bucks for guessing that more booze was consumed.

Anyway, for all my stupidity, for all the relationships I've tested to breaking point and for all the money I've blown, I feel very lucky that I never became physically addicted to alcohol.

I can't imagine how hard it would be to quit if I was physically addicted. I used to be a heavy pot smoker and I quit that by placing myself in a situation where I just couldn't get it. Alcohol is a little harder in that the stuff is everywhere unless I go holiday in Qatar for a while.

Right now I'm at the stage when my old triggers are disappearing. This weekend it didn't even enter into my mind that I could go get drunk.

I'm still reading here and will probably need a lot of help when I move out by myself, but for now I'm feeling good.

For those of you who quit when you were physically addicted - Bravo!

For those who are still struggling with physical addiction, get all the help you can. Stack the deck in your favour and buy a lucky charm or 10. Cheat if you have to. Beat the son of a bitch.
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Thanks for posting.
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