I'm back!

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I'm back!

Well I was here a couple years ago trying to quit drinking. That didn't last long. I started drinking again after a short time and felt so ashamed that I left the site. I know that was not the best choice. I have since got remarried and had a baby couple months ago. I didn't drink during the pregnancy and trust me it was so hard. I never had the urge to drink during my other pregnancies and that is a eye opener that alcohol really has it's hold on me. I was doing great until my husband left three weeks ago for work out of state for two months. I didn't handle it well and started drinking a lot since he left. The other day I drank so much I was falling down and lost part of the night. Other people more sober was there so baby was ok but the next day I was so scared with "what if's" I have not drank since and it has been two days. I have never been so determined to to stop before. So far I feel ok. A bit on edge but all in all I feel good. I'm just hoping my will stays strong this time. I am praying to God a lot more this time for strength.
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Welcome back,

I'm glad you're recommitted to stopping drinking and recovering.
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Welcome back!
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Do your best
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Welcome bk
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I am glad you came back, BTAC. And congratulations for staying sober during your pregnancy. By doing so, you showed the same resolve and determination that you will use to again get and stay sober - once and for all. (And by "all" I mean you and your baby )

Good luck. I am glad you are here with us.
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Welcome back!!
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Great to see you return to us BowTies. I couldn't take the chance anymore - when I finally quit I was doing stupid things every time. It's great to get free.
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Glad you're here
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Welcome back - I'm really glad you're recommitting to recovery too

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Thanks everyone. It was kinda hard. All my neighbors drink and they invited me to hang out. I said I'm not drinking and I'm staying home right now.
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Glad you're here. Keep reaching out for support. Do you have sober support in real life? You will need it with the baby. It is scary. Keep coming back.
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Welcome back and great name
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