i just looked ..100 days!

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i just looked ..100 days!

i am rounding the bend , i believe! I bought some great walking shoes and joined the gym down the street and finally feel able to breathe again. the craving for alcohol is gone, infact, i developed somewhat of an aversion towards it as i was drinking really rot gut s$%t!
I think i may investigate going back to AA soon. I was too feeble to face the outside world this past winter . I actually was not that fond of Spring's arrival as i got quite comfortable in my hibernation, but all thngs must end.....

AA can help me as i have been inundated with remorseful thinking about my drinking past and i believe the Steps can alleviate that mental anguish. Havent posted much but decided to check- in today.

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100 days - that is great omenapt. I do hope you'll post more - it does help to talk things over with people who understand.
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Congrats on 100 days sober!
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Congrats on 100 days, that is awesome.
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Wonderful to hear and the working out can also help with alleviating some of the mental stuff. Get those endorphins kicking and your mindset can really change. Congrats!
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100 days is great! I will be there soon myself.
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Well done!
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Well done omenapt
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Congratulations on 100 days! That's great!
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Congrats on 100 days that is awesome!
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Whoo hoo! Big congratulations!
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Triple digits, well done omenapt.
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Congratulations Omenapt! You're an inspiration!
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100 days is a exellent achievement well done friend
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I'm proud of you! And good job getting into exercise. It helps a lot. I always said that my best therapy was on the track. There is something so basic, yet so incredibly healing, about exercise. It was the one time in my life where I felt as if I was truly in sync with my mind and body. I've started back to working out as well and do believe it will be incredibly beneficial.
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100 Days is fantastic!!
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Congratulations omenapt

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Wow! An inspiration!
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