Day 3

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Day 3

It almost seems crazy to me that getting to three consecutive days of being sober is an incredible accomplishment.
I'm happy though. I could be drunk right now but instead I'm going to drown my cravings in a work out.
I read an article somewhere that said for those battling cravings due to addictions and seeking recovery vigorous exercise helps.
So here I go, day 3.

I wish you all the strength to get through another day of sobriety.

All my love,
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Be careful with exercise in the early days of withdrawl. Withdrawl can make your blood pressure sky rocket. Don't push it to hard. You can have a stroke.
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Good stuff! Keep moving forward
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Do your best
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Welcome its nice to meet you this is a great place of support
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Welcome to the Forum!!
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Day three is awesome. Keep up the good work. For me the first week was hard, but it does get better. I never want to go back.
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Day 3 - something to be very proud of V. We understand how hard it is to take those first steps toward a new life. You're doing it. Glad to have you with us - we care.
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Great job on 3 days. As mentioned before, exercise is a wonderful diversion and habit to get into. Depending on how heavy you were drinking, you may be wise to start light and monitor heart rate and BP if you are equipped. Again, great job.
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It's crazy..but it is an accomplishment - congrats

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Well done on 3 days (now 4 - YAY)

Very much an accomplishment!
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Well done on your day 3 accomplishment.
When we don’t drink one day at a time in a row we feel like an accomplishment because of our difficult times before.

For me I got very involved in AA which taught me much of what I didn’t know like how to comfortably attaining long term sobriety and being comfortable with myself.
It’s out there and is a very interesting way of life compared to before when drinking.

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Congratulations! 3 days is fantastic. I found the first weekend to be my biggest challenge and once I made it through that, I knew I could do this. Please make sure you have a plan -- the weekenders thread starts today and that's a great place to hang out, have fun and get support.
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Well done on day 3 keep going you can do this
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