Sobriety = A New Life!

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Sobriety = A New Life!

I am 411 days sober today. At this time last year, I was newly sober and very very fragile. I couldn't wait to get some sober-time under my belt. My moods were all over the place - pink cloud one moment, pit of hell the next. I was totally stressed about going to functions where alcohol would be present, and I made the decision to put my sobriety first and stay home. The only thing I knew for sure is that I was done drinking. I surrendered to the fact that I am powerless over alcohol and that I would never take another drink. I was ok with that decision. What scared me was the day-to-day. As I've said in previous posts, exercise is my outlet. During my sobriety, it has become even more of an outlet. I completed a 50K Mountain Bike Race, and a 50K trail running race last year. This past Saturday, I completed a 55K trail running race, and shaved nearly 3 hours from my previous run.

Looking back one year ago, I would have never thought this was possible. This winter I ran - I ran a lot 50-55 miles a week. Ran in rain, cold, snow, ice, mud, you name it. Most of all, my running created a new life for me. Most of all, running gave me confidence in myself. Running showed me that I have the power within myself to complete whatever I dream. Running also showed me that change WILL come, albeit slowly. As an active-alcoholic, I wanted change at the blink of an eye. Sobriety doesn't generally afford such a fast-paced mood shift. What I have learned from running hours on end, is that every emotion (good or bad) has a time limit and I am strong enough to persist through any emotion. I also know that I control my own emotions, so even if I feel bad, I can change my thoughts and my mood.

I never would have been able to say this, not even one year ago, but I am proud of myself. I know that I can do anything I want. Each time I finish one of these long runs, I know that I put that much more distance between me and my old life. The scary thing is that I can be back in that old life with picking up one drink. The good thing is that the more distance I have between me and my old life, the less I want it. At the finish of the race on Saturday, they were giving out free beer. Nothing sounded less appealing than beer after 8 hours of running.

Best of luck to all.
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Congrats on 411 days sober. It was cool to read your story of running and sobriety. I have recently started running, just beginning.

I like what you wrote about running helping to put distance between you and your old life of drinking.
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411 Days is fantastic!!
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Do your best
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Awesome job on 411 days
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Well done :-)
Running is something that really appeals to me and I've thought of taking up (tho god knows why...can't even run to the end of my street haha). Xx
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What a great post Ethos. I'm so glad you reclaimed your life. The best is yet to come.
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This post couldn't have come at a better time . I have been struggling to get my head straight, quitting drinking has helped tremendously, but it feels like there should be more changes. My head has been a mess. So today I went out and walked up some hills to get some blood flowing and it helped me a ton.
It's true, we need to discover a new way to live life. Quitting drinking is the start,but we need to change our thoughts, exercise patterns, and spiritual beliefs. Basically how we live our life.

I still have a ways to go, but your post helped me see that there is a way forward!
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411 days is simply awesome! Congrats on the wonderful life you are building!
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