Trying not to slip even more.

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Trying not to slip even more.

I have had 3 beer. I really want more. I can but I don't want to but I do. It's like I try to destroy my life. I made it 11 days once this year. But can't seem to make it more than a couple of days now. Helps that I have no job anymore....but still I am so ashamed that I can't control myself :-(
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I can drink if I sleep with an ex.....:-(
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So, don't sleep with the ex, and stop drinking now.

Salvage the day, learn from what happened and move forward. You can do this!
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You can control yourself, right now. Dump the beer, guzzle water, stay here on SR and turn the compulsion to reading threads or get outside for a walk, call someone, take some action to get out of your head. Don't sleep with the ex. You can do this. You deserve so much more.
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Unfortunately we cannot wish for sobriety and it appears and makes life wonderful, if we are alcoholic.

It takes work and changes many don’t want to even peek at so many results are a period of misery which will only get worse because alcoholism is a progressive dis ease.

Part of recovery is not picking up the first drink one day at a time in a row.

I and many millions use the fellowship of AA which has helped us STAY sober.

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If you play the situation all the way through like a movie, the reality is that you won't like the ending if you continue drinking and sleep with the ex. Dump both; you deserve better
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