Positive actions lead to a positive life

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Positive actions lead to a positive life

Going on 3 weeks sober & feeling good.Making an extra effort this year to try & stay upbeat & positive.So far the results are amazing!I almost feel like I'm living in someone elses' shoes. I think not drinking helps my mood & allows my meds to work consistently.
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Nice post, headcase. Congrats on three sober weeks; well done!!!
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Do your best
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Congrats on 3 weeks sober Headcase

Glad things are turning around
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Congrats! Life is a gift.
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You know, I've had a much better time at work recently. Didn't curse and throw the remote when my football team lost in the playoffs, and just really have a better outlook on life. Its rather amazing to feel this way after feeling anxiety, spinning head, shakes, headaches, nausea, and sweating from the drinking and hang overs. I dont think I felt this good thr last time I got sober for two months. Its pretty darn cool.
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That's great!
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Congratulations on 3 weeks sober, it gets even better. Well done.
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congrats on 3 weeks! keep it up!
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Great job on three weeks!!! And great attitude too!!
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Sober Soldier
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Sounds good headcase keep it up!
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Hears The Voice
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Positive actions lead to a positive life
100% agree!

Great job on 3 weeks!
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You're tuning into the exact thing that motivated me to stick with it. The sometimes overwhelming feeling of well being that I frequently experience. Other times, I just feel damn good. For me it was and is a time to take advantage of that and do things to improve myself & my life. Meditation is turning into a biggie for me. Also doing much reading about happiness. Who would have ever thought I'd be doing that! One book that I found especially enlightening:
Happy Stories!: Real-Life Inspirational Stories from Around the World That Will Raise Your Happiness Level by Will Bowen.

The stories are nice but it's the words of wisdom at the end of each one that are so useful.

Congrats on 3 weeks!
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